AJIYA Milestone

AJIYA History 


AJIYA Business

Ajiya’s core business consist of: –  

  1. Metal Products Operations ;
    1. Produce metal roofing products , metal frames, structural products, composite floor decking, metal ceiling & sunshade products
  2. Safety Glass Operations
    1. Tempered energy saving safety glass, heat strengthened glass, laminated energy safety glass, insulating energy saving glass , value-added safety glass, ceramic printing safety glass and all kinds of security safety glass

(i)Metal Products Operations

In 2015, Ajiya‘s division successful develop Ajiya Green IBS Wet Wall System, which internationally patent protected.

It engaged in a number of mega projects, including

  1. Customs Immigration and Quarantine Building in Langkawi ,
  2. the Royal Malaysian Airforce hangar in Subang, Ipoh- Padang Besar
  3. Electrified Double Track project ,
  4. Country Garden Danga Bay and
  5. Eco Business Park both in Johor Bahru.  

AJIYA will be working closely with the government agency in the provision of affordable housing projects as well as private developers.

(ii)Safety Glass Operations

During the year, Ajiya successful participate in few projects : –

  1. Sunway Velocity integrated development,
  2. Glomac’s reflection  residences ,
  3. the Public Mutual building ,
  4. UOA, Jakim Putrajaya,
  5. MITI building,
  6. AraGreens residences,
  7. M City residential suites and
  8. Icon City residences.

It has also been working closely with the Malaysia Green Building Confederation to develop buildings in Malaysia

AJIYA Financial

By comparison from 2014 to 2015, AJIYA’s Basic EPS has increased 20.47%. The Net profit surged 21.94% to RM 26,948million , which further lead to better profit margin contribution from Thai subsidiary  , Thai Ajiya Safety Glass Co , Ltd. , as well as the new product system introduces , AJIYA Green Integrated Building System (IBS).

The Balance sheet reflect maintain healthily. The debt-to-asset ratio has been reduced, which mainly driven by increasing company’s asset. The Group’s cash and cash equivalent balance had increased more than double fold and due to proceed from Private Placement. The Private placement expected to utilize in the expansion of production capacity and acquisition of equipment & factory.

Interest point to know

The Founder of AJIYA, Dato ‘ Chan Wah Kiang , also managing director of AJIYA. Is good that business is under his lead since 1996. He has proven that his ability to lead the company from listed in 2nd board on 1996 and transferred listing in the main board on 2003. It successful transform from a simple metal roofing product manufacturer to a one-stop manufacturer by providing the integrated building solution and combine the 2 operation strength of metal and glass based products.

Since May 2015, there is one Singapore company, Yeoman Capital Management Pte Ltd. It is a registered fund management company and it has only collective fund named as Yeoman 3-Rights Value Asia Fund. Based on the historical performance, during the 18 years ending Mar 2015, under the management, it has yield cumulative return of +817.44%. Their principle is focusing on long-term investment.

Point of view

Based on the IBS system that successfully developed by AJIYA , it will be a represent a new evolution of eco-friendly in the construction sector , as it more cost effective and faster completion than the conventional construction method. It reduces the dependency of labors and wastage. Also, there is shareholding from foreign institution investors. It is attracting point.

The survive of this company is not easy , no matter is facing the 2008 financial crisis or economic downturn, the company is still paying the dividend within the range 2% – 6% to their shareholder. It also a sign of a company’s strength and positive expectation.

Besides, by viewed on the latest annual report, there is a vacant land in Ulu Langat, Selangor . The company hasn’t decided the usage of the land, it is either utilizes for short to medium term investment purpose or for further expansion in operation. Let stay tuned for management decision.

Moreover, the IBS has successful implement in the world are Sekisui Home ( Japan), Living Solution (UK) and etc. Previously, due to many misinterpret that IBS as a high-risk process and lack of awareness, and is not popular among Malaysia’s design consultants. It became a barrier to adopting IBS, but in future believe that adopt IBS as a construction method, it able to shift from industrialized building system to intelligence building solution in Malaysia.  The innovative idea of IBS will become more commonly in Malaysia. Furthermore, the government’s effort of build affordable housing and the MRT projects, consider that it will need more metal and glass based products in future.  We assume that in future, it will have potential grow in construction sector based on  demand products, and prospective plan.


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